97S Test connector outlay


I had a few requests to map out my HP-97S test connector. It is a fairly simple thing to build if you can find the IC. Please see http://g.msn.com/9SE/1?http://www.emar-online.com/15xyzx.htm&&DI=293&IG=1d9138f3-ba80-4ad8-a0f6-4de9754a962b&POS=1&CM=WU&CE=1). This company may have some. Please see http://www.colutron.com/97S/97S.htm for the connector details, and http://www.colutron.com/97S/97S2.htm for the diagnostic program used with the connector. I have attempted as best as I can to double and triple check the connections. Please use at your own risk. I assume no liability if you damage your HP-97S.

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Thanks for the info!

The MM80C98 is the same at the MM70C98 which is still made by National:


Also the MM80C98 isn't that hard to find. Mouser has them for $2.37: http://www.mouser.com/index.cfm?handler=search.listcategory&Ntt=*80c98*&terms=80c98&Dk=1&D=80c98&N=0


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