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Thank You for the posting!!! I am a surveyor who still uses a HP-48GX as a data collector on the job. After purchasing SMI's latest Robotics Version 7 card, I received a letter stating that the HP48 was discontinued and I should look to the Allegro for any future needs. But this 49G+ has everything that I wrote to HP and requested, such as the SD card slot and USB port. I can't wait to get my hands on one.


So let's hope it also has a reliable keyboard...
else maybe the upcoming 48G+ could be nice.




IR, USB and SD??...is it a dream?



Did you noticed the -4999 to +4999 exponent range? If the HP49+ is based of an emulator, it should be -499 to +499. So I guess it's a mistake.
The other figures (12 displayed digits, 15 internal digits) are consistent with the Saturn BCD architecture.


The higher display is nice,
but I wonder how programs will behave,
which use the display directly, e.g. games, graphics progs...

The OS had to be rewritten in some places to handle the new display boundaries (at least the constants had to be changed).
And for the numeric resolution: Maybe the host CPU can handle the extended resolution, but in the 4x OS the would have been many places to be adjusted...

And for the USB connectivity: Maybe there's a hardware layer which acts as adapter for the serial I/O software of the 49G.

However, it's much too late (or too early) to be an easter egg.

I can hardly wait to see (and maybe get) the 48GII+,
you know, the one with the real keyboard;-)



Assuming this thing is actually real, I wouldn't be surprised if a few Linux junkies won't want to get their hands on a few as well, just to see what they can do with them. Imagine sitting in EE classes and having access to a version of Octave in your hand (Matlab clone, in case no one is familiar).

And damn, but that thing looks a bit nicer than my 49G. They've still got work to do, though, from the looks of it.


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