My HP42G+ keeps resetting for itself


Ever so often, while programming, my macdhine might reset for itself, no memory loss or any major problem. it just goes back to the maths menu. Any possible explanations or do i need it to be serviced. it's only about 2 weeks old.


hey martha

just noticed you havent had a reply yet possibly (and i dont want to appear smug) but their isnt a hp42g+ i think you must mean hp48g+. try reposting you message with the correct calculator name (the technical world can be unforgiving)

anyway id like to help you (but i only have a hp48gx) similar name but built by a different design group (same people who made the hp49g the ACO ) i have a friend who also has a hp48g+ and it seems to play up on him too.

anyway next time you post can you also give as full a discription of the problem as this also gets more people interested which can lead to the fault being diagnosed .

sorry i couldnt help (and didnt mean to lecture you )


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