New HP 49 Plus


Hi folks.

Here is more information from the roomer mill at comp.sys.hp48 on the HP 49+.

This was said to be from a reliable source. ???

The hp49G+ 's features:

CPU: 75Mhz ARM9
Display Size:131 x 80 pixels
Display type: Pixel
Memory:RAM 512KB 800KB flash ROM
IR Port : IrDA
Serial port: USB
Expansion port: SD card
Power Supply: AAA x 3 + CR2032
Auto power OFF: approximately 5 minutes

Case: plastic
Keys: plastic
Size: 184.0 x 87.0 x 23.5 mm 7.2 x 3.4 x .09 in
Unit weight: 220 grams 7.7 ounces


Hi, Richard;

thank you for the latest news!

BTW, is there any information about the O.S.? Are former ACO folks involved? I mean, did HP keep previous O.S. or the HP49G+ will extend the HP12CP's "saga"? I'm not sure if I'll "pay to know".

I prefer an Xpander than an HP49G+...

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)


The information was just posted today, July 31. There was no mention of what the OS would be. There was a mention of a photo, floating around. Requests for a link or copy of the photo by several people have been made, but nothing has been offered by the original poster other than there was a photo.



Since pictures of the new 17BII+ and 19BII+ have been spotted on retailer's yet to be shown pages, I'm surprised no 49G+ picture has slipped out yet.

I'm glad to see that no beta testers are leaking information (assuming as I hope that there IS beta testing), but many times something will be inadvertently posted anyway.


While I know Hp will release an Hp49G+, I don't believe it will be anything close to the specs mentioned on the listed post.

Why? Because no marketing genius would let the opportunity go by to release an HP5# super something with the specs mentioned vs staying with a loser dog 49G wimpy + designation for an already labled, market LOSER image that the 49G has generated (frozen Hamster butt blue).

That is why I think the specs are BS. I think HP will release the same Hp49G with maaaybe better buttons, maaaybe a 6 MHZ Saturn (might be more, but probably not much), and a new cable (it would be nice if there were a standard USB port instead) to tie into USB vs RS-232. That is YOUR BIG +. If Hp did anything more, you could bet HP marketing would have stepped in to toute the 2nd coming. And I didn't catch that. Therefore, I conclude the previous.


Why get excited, it will be a piece of junk anyway.

This HP-49 stuff is an attempt to
build something halfway between a desktop PC running MATLAB and a handheld calculator, not useful.


Norm wrote:

This HP-49 stuff is an attempt to build something halfway between a desktop PC running MATLAB and a handheld calculator, not useful.

I'd agree completely with that assessment, although it's worth pointing out that an individual copy/license for Matlab costs $1900 -- more than 10x the price of a 49.

It seems that ergonomical improvements have been made and some missing HP-48 features have been added (IR, equation library), but the 49 is still quite cumbersome to use.

Let's hope at least that the obvious bugs have been fixed and the spped has been improved with the new processor.


Good point, of course for many collegiate math students, copied software is free.


If your looking at something like the HP49+ you might as well not beat around the bush - get something decent like a pocket PC and put the HP49 emulator on it and get the best of both worlds - PC and Calculator (less frustration).


While the idea sounds good and performance for high end exotic calculations it is probably even FASTER. But what about plain old button pushing? Sorry, for general calculations (short of FFT's), simple graphs, durability and cost, I want a calculator, not a pocket PC (though, this new 49G+ is really a pocket PC loaded up with an emulator as you just suggested, BUT it comes in a Calculator package).

I may even like it (though, I will have to see it to believe it! and if the buttons SUCK, well, I won't have to say more).


There is nothing more frustrating than trying to use a PC. They should be banned forever.

I hope the hp49g+ gets quality keys, though I see it still lacks a real ENTER key where I want it... sigh... I might get used to it, if that is the only downside with it.


I guess the rumors are true of what is to be the new HP 49G+.

Here is the link:


excellent link Richard,

thank you for posting it.

Most interesting feature in the review..... plastic casing with metal paint finish....... surely that could not be that same finish that rubs off in everyday usage ? exposing the molded plastic underneath ???

Well, the only purpose of a business is to make money, and to create maximum equity for shareholders.

Therefore, I approve of the decision to use a disposable finish that will pi$$ off every customer who buys one.
It will add wealth to the corporation.


Thanks Richard for posting this info - you're the greatest.
But if the machine doesn't have the all important mandatory trademark CLICK-STOP keys that blazed their way to notoriety with the universe famous HP35, then I'm afraid this will be a major disappointment to all true HP fanatics like myself. No matter how great this machine is, I wouldn't consider buying any HP unless the CLICK-STOP keys are present.


Dammit! The Enter key is still too small and in the wrong place.

I'll be interested to see what the 48GII looks like - if it's a bit more RPN-friendly it might be worth considering, although I doubt it would offer enough to make me upgrade from my current 48GX - only to perhaps replace it if the GX died.


--- Les []


It appears to be at least marginally less ugly than the 49G, though it's still pretty bad, and it still doesn't have a decent ENTER key. At least it looks less video-game-ish than the 49G, so it wouldn't be quite as embarassing if my colleagues saw me with it...


The many reported improvements (most notably, I think, the plastic keys) over the 49g suggest that HP is actually listening to customers and users. What a business model!

I may just find some excuse to buy one, despite the lack of a "proper" ENTER key.


Let's wait for the 48GII.
At least in theory it should have the correct ENTER bar...


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