Display for the HP-15C


A friend of mine have a HP-15C with its display "broken" (a large dark "blob" on the right corner). Its serial is #2628B92723. It passes on self test, but the display is a mess.

What I need to know if I can replace the display with one from any HP-12C or if HP still repairs it (I think not...)

I have scanned the interior, and it is very different of those I already know. Is just one big golden PCB with keyboard and display on one side and three ICs on the other side, no rubber cover, and just one spring on the battery compartment.

If any of you are interested I can send the pictures.




Hello, Nelson;

I repaired many Voyagers, and the new HP12C's have a different alignment for the LCD contact pads. The eariler units, when all of them were still under production, had a different number of pads in both upper and lower LCD frames. The newer HP12C, even the Indonesian units with three 1.5V batteries, have a new LCD with equaly spaced contact tabs that's incompatible with the earlier units.

I once mentioned here that we may probably have hundreds of thousands of earlier HP12C's carcass spread around the world that still have usable battery cover, LCD, case and internals (the keyboard scanner chip is the same for all Voyagers) because new units were available for sale and have probably replaced almost all broken units. This is not true for the other models, mostly the HP11C and HP15C.

If I have a spare LCD I'd gladly send you. Should we find old HP12C's, their LCDs' will surely be of use.

Best regards. Inté.

Luiz Cláudio

Edited: 31 July 2003, 1:59 a.m.

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