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Newbie Warning> following question is a rookie one.

In system RPL, the programing language, how exactly does error handling work? I wnat to know bout CKN and CK&Dispatch, how do they work, what exactly does Dispatch mean and, just a little curious, does CK stand for anything special??



Mentioning SysRPL in anything resembling a technical question sounds advanced to me. I have a hard enough time finding the time to learn User RPL 6^)




www.hpcalc.org is the place to find information on SysRPL.
First thing should be to read the manual as usual;-)
In this case it's called RPLMAN.DOC and can be downloaded from www.hpcalc.org , either as single file and as part of the HP RPL Tools package.

The exist various other documents on SysRPL in the archive.

BTW: CK... are words for argument checking (chapt. 14),
error handling/trapping is another chapter (chapt. 16)...


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