Meeting IV


Hello my dear friends...

Our european HP-Meeting has found a date. It's September 20. I have 9 persons how will join till now (You will get a mail from me). If someone else will join, please write me a short mail...



but I would need someone who takes me there. Basel is about 550 km away and as I am a student and don't have that much money, I can't afford to drive there.
I live near Dortmund and study at Siegen. So if someone near there (I would be willing to drive 150 km or so) is going that would be great!




If you come to Brussels I can take you over there, or Luxemburg is on my way...


Thanks for offering. If nobody closer to me is going, I'd be happy if you take me there.




Hello, I have only just seen this, and do not know
anything about it - maybe someone from the British
HP handhelds club could come too? Or is this only for
a special group of people?

Unfortunately, the HP Handhelds conference in the US
is exactly at the same time :-)

Hoping to hear more soon!

Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz


Wlodek posted:

"Hoping to hear more soon!"

And I'm glad to hear from you ! I was beginning to think that you were dead, or something ... Nice to see that you just needed the right stimulus to give signs of life again ! :-)

Best regards from Valentin.



I´m glad to hear from you too.. Certainly everybody is invited to join our meeting... You know, Basel as a airport 15km in the north.. So, no problem... Do you plan to go to the US party that day?



Hi, European folks;

greetings from Brazil (as if you don't know...).

Is it possible that some of you (or at least one) keep computers on line and connected during the meeting? If Dave allows it to happen, we could be "e-talking" while you're there. I know that there are other ways to do it, but I only access this forum, no one else. I have no ICQ and I think that chat rooms would allow other "audience". Not that it is a bad idea, only that if people not related to HP decide to rule, we'll be "uncovered".

Well, this is just a suggestion of mine. As Harald mentioned he is 550Km away, let me tell you: you're lucky having no ocean in between, if you understand what I mean. Please, Harald, this is just a general comment, don't take it wrongly or specifically to your situation. I know what it is to be a student and have no resources other than the necessary ones. IN other hand, I'm glad you are close to each other and can organize such events.

I'm glad for you all.

Please, let us know about what happens there.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)


Hi Matthias,

do you have my name on your nine-person-list ?! If not please include me.

best regards


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