$590 ebay auction using MoHP pictures



Shows a picture of the actual unit and the museum page but nothing really lets buyer know the great museum pic is not the real calculator.



Thanks Gene. I've asked him to credit the pictures.


why can't you hack into the other computer, Dave,

and replace your MoHP photograph with a picture

of a calculator that had a firecracker stuffed

into it at 4th of July.


It's funny how many people say stuff like "It may be just a simple problem to fix" as if this is not a problem.

I can just about guarantee that the paper feed rollers are flattened which means you'd have to find a good one from another device. This is not really an easy fix, unless you are experienced with this.

Also, he has cards but doesn't actually say the readers work. I have seen lots of people say these work but they really use "works" to mean it calculates and nothing else.

He really should state specifically if the reader has been tested.

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