Xpander auction ending in 1 hour


Take a look at this Xpander auction ending in about 1 hour.



Is there something wrong with it?


Nothing wrong with it that I know of. It looks like it is in perfect condition.




Sorry, I just thought it would be fun to watch. Auctions will often determine the true value of a collector's item. You don't have to watch if you don't want to.


You're Scott Seelye, the husband of Jennifer Seelye who is selling the item - right? There's a classifieds forum here for advertising your auctions. For determining value, we do that after the auction ends :-)


Scott Seelye had a different E-mail---at the domain mac dot com.

this scott is at westernpulp dot com. Not neccessarily the same person?

Anyway, western pulp looks like it makes neat stuff.....but that's outside the purpose of this forum!

1234 to delete.


Bill Platt


Yes I noticed but email addresses are a dime a dozen. Actually less than that!

Anyway, Scott can tell me he's not if he wants to or Dave could help us out by checking his IP if we really wanted to know :-)

The main issue for me is that the stated rational for this thread is equally good for every HP on ebay and we'd get swamped if they all got posted here.


That's right.

And did you notice the new Xpander ad?
I wonder how many units were in that garage;-)





I don't think my husband noticed that there was another board for classifieds. We always get a kick out of watching auctions the last hour & he probably thought other collectors would enjoy it too.

In terms of my ad I listed in the classified section, I contacted the person at the garage sale & was able to get a couple others last night. So far I know of 2 other people who bought some at that same garage sale. I think I will sell one more now and save the other for a few years.

I am sorry if his message bothered anyone here.

Anyway, have a great week!


"Hello, I don't think my husband noticed that there was another board for classifieds."

Did you husband also not notice that (out of the hundreds of HP calculators on ebay over the last week or so) that the one he highlighted was the one you were selling? Hmmmmm - I think he did.

"We always get a kick out of watching auctions the last hour & he probably thought other collectors would enjoy it too."

But in this case your enjoyment is enhanced by the fact you are getting a buck as well as a kick.


Why do people sell HP calculators at a garagesell for a few bucks?
Don't they know about ebay?

Regards Harry,
who has never seen an HP calculator for sell at a flea market in Germany


Actually I have seen (and bought) the one or other HP calc on flea markets in Germany, but that was long time ago, and not very efficient. Of course it's easier to get some goodies in and around Corvallis, since there are many HP employees, and it was the former 'calculator' division.

However, some of my best HP calculators are those I got for free from colleagues, friends, or relatives.



I see hp calculators all the time at garage sales but we live in Corvallis where HP is the largest company in town and most people use HP everything.

In the past I never looked twice at the calculators since usually they are $10-$75 at garage sales. I know they are worth the price they are asking but I don't currently have a use for these, I get by just fine with the few calculators that I already have. After reading the wonderful information on this website, I now know that there is a market for many of the calculators that I see. I will be taking a closer look at those calculators from now on.

I am always amazed at what people sell at garage sales for little or no money and the other things that they want a lot of money for. The $1500 Le Corbusier chairs I buy for $20 each, yet I see items that are sold at Kmart for $50 & they want $40 for that one. But that is what keeps me going to those sales, it is a treasure hunt.

Have a great day,


Garage sale rule #1: You never know.

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