Math pac vs. Advantage pac


If I already have the Advantage pac, is there any reason to get the Math pac? I'm talking about funtionality, and not collecting purposes. It looked like the Fourier and Hyperbolic fcns on the math pac were not included in the advantage pac.
Can someone verify this? Also, would the Fourier functionality be present (I assume) on the circuits pac? (I plan on getting this))
Anything from the Math pac missing on the advantage?


Sean --

I have both. Just from memory, the Advantage Pac does not contain the Math Pac's Fourier analysis, hyperbolics, and triangle solutions.

Both have routines for rootfinding ("SOLVE") and numerical integration, but the Advantage Pac's routines are better. RPN programs for these functions on the Math (Simpson's Rule integration) and machine-coded functions (sophisticated Romberg method integration) on the Advantage. Both modules have the same functions for complex-valued inputs.

The Math Pac is a 4 kB module; the Advantage Pac is a 12 kB module.

[Shameless solicitation:]

I have an extra Math Pac that I'll sell to you for $10 + shipping. This is probably about the going rate; they're very common.


$10? Cool! I'll take it!

Please send the details of how you'd like to process transaction...

Thanks again!


Karl - if you still want to sell your extra Math Pac, I'd like to buy it.
You can contact me at



Hi all,

Sorry for solliciting shamelessly here...but...

I also sell a Math Pac + original box & english doc for 10 euros.

Shipping to Europe...because object value looks low compared to shipping costs.

If anybody's interested



Thanks. Karl & I have worked something out w/his, but someone else might be interested...

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