HP 71B and the 82162A


Can I use the HP 82162A Thermal Printer/Plotter with my HP 71B Calculator.


I'm sure you can use the HP-IL printer with your HP-71,
at least if you have the HP-IL interface module for the HP-71.



The 82162A is a normal HP-IL device. You can print to it from any HP-IL controller (incl the 71B).

I have even printed to a 82162A from an HP-IPC (which has HP-IB) via the 82169A HP-IB to HP-IL converter.




I also have an IPC and an 82169A.
Which steps are required to transfer data (save/restore files) between an IPC and, say, a PC equipped with an Interloop HP-IL ISA card?
Could it work with Trans41?
Trans41 simulates, amongst other things, an HP-IL mass storage device.

Thanks in advance.




Hello Raymond,

I guess that Trans41 emulates a HP9114 compatible mass storage, which doesn't use the same protocole than the IPC.


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