Hello everybody:

Some time ago I asked in this forum the way to remove the keyboard label of these calculators. I have had success (thanks everybody). Now I must place the label in the new calculator. Which is the best glue?. I don´t like the "super glue".

Thanks again




I'm not sure how hard it was for you to remove the keyboard faceplate. I had no difficulty at all, because in my case, both faceplates were plastic sheet.

Based on what I saw, I think that it is not difficult to elect another sort of glue to settle them in place. I think "superglue" is NOT the best choice. I'd try some silicon-based glue, the one that would allow the thinnest foil betwen the faceplate and the case itself.

If there is another "laminar" glue available, I'd try, too. If I am not wrong, Ellis Easley (if it is wrongly spelled, forgive me) mentioned that there is this kind of "laminar glue" available. It comes in waxed paper so you apply it to one of the surfaces to be glued and remove the waxed paper. Then you have a "glue foil", ready to be applied to anywhere you wish.

If it did not confuse you, I think it will help finding the best glue.

Success. And please, let us know about what you achieve.

Luiz (Brazil)


#M Super-77 spray adhesive. Availavle at most hardware and hobby stores. Clean off all the old adhesive first. I use white gas (camping stove fuel) or ligher fluid.


Hi Luiz and David:

I have made a test with that "both sides" glue with waxed paper that Luiz reported, but the problem is how to remove the glue from the key holes (hard work). I will clean everything again and try with the spray (I don´t know if it is available in Spain with the same denomination).




... you should use paper strips instead of using a complete cover. I thought it was not necessary to mention...

I'm sorry!!!!! <<<<<<:^((((((((

Luiz (Brazil)


Yes, the acrylic transfer adhesive is tricky to cut through when it is not embedded between two layers of non-adhesive material, because it wants to stick to the knife! In actual use, it is applied in a solid layer to a solid layer with the release liner on the other side, and then the sandwich is cut with a die. I wonder if the 3M 77 spray adhesive is more like acrylic adhesive or like rubber cement (or contact cement)?

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