HP49G unit simplification



Just a query about why the HP49G does not automatically simplify units. e.g. if you multiply 'amps' by 'ohms' the units come out as 'Amps*Ohms' and not 'Volts'. (I'd guess J/s will not come out as Watts either.)

My Casio FX580 (bought in my pre HP days) does simplify units and gives 'Volts' in the above example.

You can of course convert units but this assumes you can spot what they are equvalent to, if you get it wrong you get the: "BEEP, you screwed up you feeble human who is no match for my superior operating system, however I'm not going to tell you how to do it correctly and it probably isn't in the manual that came with this calculator anyway." message.

Sorry if I'm missing a flag setting or something.

PS: Still using my second hand HP67 bought for $15! (No I can't get any more at this price.

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