Is it possible for anybody to rebuilt a RamBOX, so that this powerfull instrument would become a Xmas present for some of us? What would be the problem for this?
I know that there are some hardware designers like Christoph Klug that could perhaps built this...
I would buy it...


dear matthias,
First you have to find plans.
They are certainly not available as public domain.
May someone be able to understand a 4K RAM MLDL plans?!



maybe in some PPC Technical notes are some hints.
AFAIR the ERAMCO compatible design is or was available somewhere.

PPC Journal CD's ?

Or perhaps Meindert has an idea ? ;-)



Is a opened RamBox not enough? You only need the plan of the print, do you? Second you need a system software... W&W is ok...


I have a W&W 32K RSU too.
But only 28K are available (4K RAM out of order).
I opened it, there's a lot of CMS and connexion are really
thin between components and some hidden behind them.
May be Jean-François would be better than me.
Please contact him: jfgarnier@wanadoo.fr

Do you mean to rebuilt an original old design? I am working on a completely new design that is a RAMBox! See the specifications at www.kuipers.to/hp41.



Dear Meindert,

It makes much sense, that you complete your actual design (working with modern technologie and parts).

Rebuilding existing Eramco or W&W Ram-Box solutions is too much work and some storage IC parts not available today or exotic and hard to find.

The "traditional" Eramco and W&W Ram-Box solutions are absolutely nice parts for active HP41 user and for any collector. Unfortunately Ram-Box systems hard to find.

Up to now (and for future times) Zeproms are the leading solution for concentrating maximally power in only one HP41 plug in port...

Best wishes from Germany -Christoph



Can you actually make the ZEPROMS or just program them?



Yeah, my question exactly. I have a dual-Zeprom
programmer, but no Zeproms, and haven't been able
to find any. The guy I bought the programmer from
had a stock of unmounted Zeprom EPROMs, but threw
them out! If anyone (Christoph?) has Zeprom that
they'd be willing to sell me (don't need the voltage
convertor, and can be totally blank, which would
normally make it pretty useless to people), I'd
be willing to pay well for it.



Cool, and I'm looking for a ZEPROM burner and do not get on.. ZEPROMs I have some....


Hi Matthias,

too late. I used to have a very huge Zengrange ZEPROM programmer with 8 (EIGHT) ZEPROM module slots.
I traded it away a while ago ...





Don't say so, Matthias,
it's a nice piece...



I am currently building the old version of the MLDL posted in the PPC Journal some years ago. The only IC's that I cannot find are the 4k x 1 Static Ram, TC5504AP-2. Does anyone know where these can be found?


I am currently building the old version of the MLDL posted in the PPC Journal some years ago. The only IC's that I cannot find are the 4k x 1 Static
Ram, TC5504AP-2. Does anyone know where these can be found?

I suggest you use an 8 bit SRAM chip in place of two 1 bit chips, and waste 6 bits (tie them to ground, perhaps through a resistor).



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