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How do I resize a file?
I'm looking at the 41 extended fundtions manual, and I found flsize, but that only returns the size. Do you have to create a new file, and copy the data between the two?

Again, thanks...



there is a way to resize ASCII and data files only in the HP41CX; the Extended Functions does not have this resource.

The function is RESZFL. File to be resized must be the working file, and the integer part of the number in X-register defines the number of registers that the file will contain.

Hope this helps.

Luiz (Brazil)

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RESZFL does just that: Put the number of registers you want to allocate to the file in the X register and execute RESZFL - voilĂ . You can increase or decrease a file's size this way. To force a size reduction of a data file even if used registers (those with a value orher than zero in them) would be lost supply the desired file size as a negative number.

RESZFL works on the current file, you cannot specify a file name. To make your file the current one you can use SEEKPTA (with the file name in the Alpha register and zero in X) or EMDIRX (with number of the file in X; e.g. if your file is the fourth in Extended Memory as listed by EMDIR or CATALOG 4, then you would put 4 in X and execute EMDIRX).

Actually, only the 41CX can resize a file this way, as RESZFL is not in the Extended Functions module, but only in the CX Extended Functions.

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Thanks guys - one thing: since it is NOT part of the extended finctions, and is particular to the CX version of the 41, where in the hpmuseum CD-set of docs would I have found this?
The index for calc manuals indicates that the documentation of the 41CX is the 41C/CV manual plus the extended functions manual - neither of which mention this function, ... ??

Thanks again


Hi, Sean;

the fact is that the HP41CX has an specific set of manuals. The exclusive CX functions, Time and X-functions related, are ony mentioned in the HP41CX Manuals.

Appendix I of the HP41CX Owner's Manual treats these differences. It is only six pages long. If you want, I can scan these pages and send them to you. In this case, should I use the e-mail you post here or another one?

Let me know.

Luiz (Brazil)


Hey - thanks!
I guess the determining factor would be size. If they end up > 1M, please use Otherwise, the should be fine.


Hi, Sean;

your PDF with the comparison is on the fly right now.

As I mentioned in the e-mail, there is still another chapter (7 pages) describing [ED], a CX-exclusive ASCII-file editor. Please, read the e-mail and let me know what else you want.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)


Thanks! Regarding ED, that is described in one of the manuals I have (the extended funtions, I think), so I have used it - ED makes editing ascii files TOO easy!
One issue I am having is that my pdf viewer (xpdf) runs REAL slow on my system, so just going to the next page is frustrating. I will most likely be taking the 41C/V manual to Kinkos for printing, possibly the extended manual, and your scans as well.

Thanks again!


I have written this little program and for me it's very useful:




04 7

05 /

06 INT

07 -


09 END

Put the file name in the alpha register and run the program. The file will be reduced to the minimun size without loosing information.

I normally create the file bigger than necesary, then I fill it it with the data, and finally I run this prog.

I hope that someone find it useful.



Cool program!
I had the same idea, but hadn't coded it yet!
What kinds of info do you guys keep in your calcs? Right now I have the names of a few of the file commands I thiink I might forget (as a new user).

Anyway, thanks for the great responses!

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