Two questions on 41cx programming


It seems that you use GTO .nnn to get to a line #, but only a line # within the current program - how do I get to/edit/delete a program which I did not give a label to?
(Meaning it doesn't have a LBL in it)
This is unlike the 15C, where line #'s are global...

Also, where can I find detailed info on the math pac and other ROMS? I only found cursory info here...




You should always use a global label in all your programs, if only to avoid the scenario you have described. To access a program that has no global label, you'll have to use the CATALOG function:

1. Execute CATALOG 1 and immediately press [R/S] to stop it.

2. Now go through the catalog by pressing [SST] time after time. You can also press [BST] to go back some entries.

When you reach a spot in the listing that has two ENDs in succession, you'll have it. That's the program without global label. Press [<-] to exit the catalog. You'll be placed (I think) at the END of that program. In any case, from now on you can use GTO . nnn at will.



Finding a program is simple:

Enter CATALOG 1 (shift ENTER 1), and immediately press R/S. This puts you in the program catalog. Now you can step through the catalog using SST/BST. Programs without labels are identified via their end statement (eg. "END 18"). If you found the program you wanted, press <-. Now you can execute the program by pressing R/S, edit it in PRGM mode, or delete it with CLP (press XEQ ALPHA CLP ALPHA to exeute CLP, then ALPHA ALPHA, since CLP clears the current program if you don't supply a label).

For information on ROMs you could try ordering the MoHPC CD set, it has probably more manuals than you'd ever need



You can also go to the other program with GTO.<ALPHA>PROGNAME<ALPHA>


SCHWEET! I love this forum! Experts galore! Thanks guys!
BTW: I DO have the CD set, but couldn't find the answer in the manual (looking at the programming section, didn't konw about using CAT command this way...).

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