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Replacement batteries for the classic series calculators are no longer available from Hewlett Packard. They may be obtained by calling Agilent (!) at 1-877-447-7278. The part number is 1420-0272 and the cost is $23 plus shipping.



Can you confirm that part # 1420-0272 will indeed fit an hp-45, hp-65 &/or hp-67 calculator? Agilent was unable to do so using that part number alone. They said that battery pack was a 3.6 volt unit which fits some sort of medical device. Thank you for your help.



Caution: I believe this discussion was here one yeare or more before.

This battery pack seems to be just the batteries, not the plastic compartment, the batteries are enclosed in the classic calculators.

Check this before buying.


If all you're getting is the cells, you can get a pre-assembled 3-cell pack at Radio Shack for less.


The battery pack is indeed just the batteries, not the plastic case. They do fit inside the HP-67 battery compartment.

There was a discussion about these batteries before. On 4-22-99, Andreas Stockburger reported that he had discovered HP part# 1420-0272, and that it worked fine in his classic calculators. On 4-27-99, Dan Grelinger cautioned that some cardboard must be used to hold the batteries snug. He said that they worked well in his HP-67.

I only made the post to point out that these battery packs must now be ordered from Agilent.

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