Meeting III


So, Now I'm back home.. So, lot of you have made a propositions for our meeting.. Let us fix two dates and see, on which date we would be more:

august 30 (for long distance riders.. you can perhaps sleep here in Basel)

september 20 (sleeping possible too)

PLEASE. Give us your prefered date as fast as possible, even if you can on both dates)....
Side activities...: Is not organized jet, but I love the idea of Thibaut to visit the Vitra Designer Museum
Topics: Everthing you desire (programmers, repairing, trading, discussing, watching items, .... but please inform us. Perhaps some of you want to organize a workshop?)
I will organize food and I will keep clean my appartment for you..



Weekend of August 30 is OK for me. September 20 not. A week later (september 27) is OK.



I would vote for Sept 20 please , I'm on holiday end August.

And yes, some side activities such as software workshops (hints in programming) and hardware (simple problem repair) would be great ! Of course any cultural activities are welcome !



Hi guys,

How much for a cheap room (double) in Basel or surroundings in September? Thanks.


I'm not shure what you mean:

a) What will cost a hotel to sleep in Basel?
b) Question to the public, if we should reat a room for our meeting.

I think, you mean a) but please tell me...



Hi Matthias,

I would like to know how much for a cheap room for my wife and I near Basel, that's right now? Thanks in advance.


I would say arround 90€ for a doube room with bath room... perhaps we will also find a cheaper hotel without breakfast , shower, ...


I would prefer August, 30. and offer a workshop "How to restore a 98xx".



If you want I lend you mine for this lab ;-)

I still have to send you my 9820's PCB's did not have time yet to fly to the post office.




Me too! :-)

I've a sick 9815A



And I have a 9845A that needs your help... :)


I think I should open a hospital ;-)


Hmm, difficult...
The 9815A is a hardware class of its own.
What exactly do you mean with "sick"?


The display doesn't turn on anymore; it was working OK until a few hours before shipping it to me (at least the seller was kind enough to sensibly lower the price for it).



Seems as if either the display is broken (very bad, spare parts only from another 9815) or there is a contact problem (very easy, just open the 9815 and check every board). Have you checked the fuse? Can you print the x-register (press PRINT)? If yes: the display is propably broken.


Thanks for the tips Achim, I'll try them out during next weekend.


I have a 9815 with a flakey display. Several segments are either blank or very weak with only partial gas discharge along their length that changes as other digits are entered. I think it is the display module but could be the high voltage supply. I think one may be able to use the display from a Compucorp/Monroe/Sumlock machine. I have been meaning to try this for a long time... I have a Compucorp with a corroded keyboard.


I just got a working 9820A. So I'm prepared...


September 20th or following week-ends should be OK.
I would present my system:
- burning Eproms for HP-41 Eprom Box and HP-71 HHP Eprom module,
- building a 4K Eprom box for HP-41
- transfering data from/to HP-41 to/from PC
- ...
Do you have an oldest 286, 386 or 486 in order to show several ISA cards functionning?

Both dates Aug. 30, Sep. 20 are ok for me.



September 20 is not possible, August 30 is OK. I would gladly show my MLDL2000 proto and development environment.



I still wait for statements of other users of this forum. Please .... what about our german and italien collectors?


I still wait for statements of other users of this forum. Please .... what about our german and italien collectors?

Here's an italian one :-)
Both dates proposed should be fine.

When I mentioned this to my wife she soon asked to be there with me for tourism and shopping :-(

So I too would be interested to know about the price and availability of rooms in decent hotels.



Cool.. would sept 27 also fit? Hotels are arround 90€ for a double room with bath...


Sep 27 should be equally fine for us.
Thanks for the info about hotels.




both dates Aug. 30, Sep. 20 are just fine.


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