HP 28S Fast Mode


Hi, I've been trying to speed up my HP 28S (version 2BB) using the fast mode program presented at http://www.rskey.org/gene/hpgene/28sfast.htm However, it doesn't work, but keeps giving me an error message at the first STO operation.

Does anyone know how to put the 28S into fast mode?

Thanks, Vic


Yes, the program on this site doesn't work. I had a look into my collected solutions and I found three different realisations. I think the following one is the shortest. I have no idea who's the author and if this program really work, just try it:

First up, it appears that there was never a posting for the SPEED or
FAST program which does not have to be in the home directory, or that
requires a POKE program to work. Either of which seems ridiculous to
me because the code to poke the speed nibble is so short.

This program will conveniently create FAST which can be stored at any
location in the user memory. FAST works by changing the speed nibble
at #FFF00h from #7h to #Fh.


<< #1FFF00F1F0302331h
#7195h SYSEVAL
#44A4h SYSEVAL >>




Thanks, that works perfectly!
Cheers, Vic

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