To Kill the Flying Goose


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I've made a tide prediction program for my HP41CX. With heavy use of cosinus, the program is rather slow : 4 minutes to compute the low and high tides of a given day. During the process, one can see the famous goose flying slowly across the display.
Is there a way to replace it with an alpha message which remain displayed without stopping the program ? something like "please wait", or "computing..."

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The "goose" flies across the display automatically and, to the best of my knowledge, there's no way to remove it. The "goose" advances one position to the right each time the program finds a LBL instruction, but even if you were to (somehow) remove all LBLs, all you'd get is a stationary goose.

It took the genius of Bill Wickes to make the goose fly backwards!



Yep, that's a simple one: in your program just put a MSG in Alpha and do an AVIEW. W/o printer make sure flag 21 is clear otherwise AVIEW halts execution. For heavy itterating routines it's a good idea to put something in the display as the program runs some fraction of miliseconds faster. Reason: at any label there is no need to update the display.



You can even make the message scroll the way the goose does.
SF 25
SF 99
and from there on, every LBL will scroll the message one place to the right in the display.


Great tricks !
Thank you very much, Mike and Werner, for these informations.
I used the time function to see if there is any speed differences. They are under 2 seconds :

- with flying goose : 4' 29.18"

- with a still message : 4' 29.36"

- with a moving message : 4' 27.86"
Thank you again.



Incredible! I don't remember reading about this, ever. Was it ever published in the PPC Journal?



Yes, it was. Just in case you don't have them yet, I would heartily recommend getting Jake Schwartz's CDs containing all (!!) issues of PPC Calculator Journal, PPC Computer Journal, HP Keynotes, HPX, whole PPC ROM manual, etc, etc, etc.

Except for the fact that it's completely missing all PPC Technical Notes issues (and those are, IMHO, even higher quality stuff than PPC proper), this is the most comprehensive, amazing stuff any HP calc lover can ever be blessed with.
An absolute must, if ever was one.

Best regards from V.

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