Great photos of the Xpander


This offer displays great photos of the Xpander. It may be worth watching:



The seller has already posted about this terrific find.

Bought HP Xpander at sale today.

I would love to know how much they paid for this at the original garage sale.

Mark Hardman


I am glad you two like my photos. I did have one person that wanted more photos, a front view, back view & 3/4 view. Silly me, I thought I already did a front & back shot.

I will tell you my cost after the auction is over. All I can say is that I paid less than the price right now.

I do have one question that people here may know here. What kind of batteries should be used with this calculator & where can I get them? When I tested this xpander it was plugged in to recharge, I didn't realize that the batteries are dead and do not work. I posted that info on the auction & emailed the high bidder (no reply yet). I don't think that will change the auction much but I'm glad I noticed this before the auction ended & the calculator shipped.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Jennifer,

This is the common problem with all the prototype Xpander, once the battery is totally drained for sometime, despite that you charge it with the original charger for 8 - 10 hours, the batteries will not hold any charge.

All you need to do is open up the battery door (note, HP has clip off the two clips, therefore, you would need to use two small screw drivers to insert into the cut-off clips concurrently to open it) and remove the two "AA" NiMH batteries and put them in any standard NiMH external charger for a couple of hours. After that, reload the batteries into the Xpander to complete the eight hours charging with the original charger. Once this is done, the Xpander can be charge normally with the original charger. However, if you would leave the battery "flat" in the Xpander for a another short period of time, you would need to go thru the same process again. On the other note, please take care while removing the batteries since there are spring on both positive and negative end of the battery terminals, you would need to use two small screw drivers to depress the springs in order to remove and reload the batteries.

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