After much delay, I've decided it's time to learn RPL in a serious way. I've poked around and downloaded a few utilities that are mostly sysRPL and are too advanced at the moment.

Since I do not want to edit programs directly on the 48, can anyone recommend a usable Windows based USER RPL programming environment?


How about the HP4X User-RPL Program Development System? From the description, it looks like it might be what you are looking for.

Mark Hardman


Hi Randy,

Most powerusers do not use a 'programming environment' for code development on the 48/49. Instead, most write programs using a text editor and then cut and paste into emu48 (a 48/49 emulator that runs under Windows, available at:



Even better. I like my programming editor that does block indenting and brace balancing, etc, etc.

Now I can learn RPL syntax by writing the tokenizer for the editor highlighting. Two birds, one stone. Good stuff, Thank you!


I use HP Program Development Link (PDL) a DOS based software. It is quite good and run fine under Windows. It allowed me to enter spcial 48 characters which is difficult to do on a standard text editor.

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