41 & 71 file suffixes for the site I'm building


I will use the following file suffixes for my site. Any idea?

Files only for PC:

*.BIN Binary file for Jean-François Garnier Emu-41 (5120 bytes)
*.LST Dissassembled listing of ROM with mnemonics
*.PGM Program file for ELI-41 and Transfer-41
*.41R SDS-II ROM file (8192 bytes)
*.41L Motorolla S Hex file for 2732 Eprom (11276 bytes)
*.41R Motorolla S Hex file for 2716 Eprom (2828 bytes)
*.U2 Binary file for 2716 Eprom (1024 bytes)
*.L8 Binary file for 2732 Eprom (4096 bytes)

HPILDISC.n Virtual Disc Drive for Linkplus
HPSIDEn.PAK Virtual Disc Drive for Transfer-41

Files only for HPILLINK:

*.P71 Basic HP-71B
*.B71 Binary HP-71B
*.D71 Data HP-71B

Files only for LIFUTIL:

*.PRG HP-41 program
*.DTA HP-41 data
*.REG HP-41 registers
*.ALL HP-41 all memory
*.XMS HP-41 X-Memory with Paname
*.ERA 640 register Eramco or Zeprom Programmer or Rambox Rom copy format
*.HPX 640 register Hepax Rom copy format
*.MM 824 register Mountain Computer Rom format
*.MLE 825 register Mleprom Rom format

To be continued ...



I use:

*.DIS for HP41 disassembled listings
*.ROM for HP41 rom image files (8192 bytes)



Just a couple of minor points.

I would prefer the HP-71 file extensions to have the number before the character for easier sorting on filename, as follows:

*.71P Basic HP-71B

*.71B Binary HP-71B

*.71D Data HP-71B

this will be consistent with your HP-41 file extensions.

Note that Motorola has only 1 letter l !!

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