Cringely Comment on HP


This from Infoworld's weekly "Cringely" column (yeah, it's not really Cringely, but what the heck, Norm is going to love this one anyway):

"Hewlett-Packard is giving a leave of absence -- so to speak --
to storage, despite higher hopes it may have once held. HP
called a mole at 8 o'clock one evening last week and fired
him on the phone. Pretty nice, eh? My good man was a storage
specialist, and his Midwest regional manager told him that HP
wasn't going to spend any more money trying to sell storage.
"If customers want to buy it, they can have it," the manager
commented. In character, HP's financial folks did some fancy
math to calculate that two weeks of severance pay per year
for six years of service amounted to nine weeks for the
forlorn and forgotten. And I thought the HP Way meant
treating people with dignity?"

Looks like the New HP calculates severance pay on a 12C Platinum. . . .


--- Les []


I did not know HP was into the storage business.

I can rent an 8 x 8 for $75 a month out here,
put old motorcycle parts and paint cans and stuff into it
so I have more room in my garage.


Norm, I swear you are proof positive that the new HP was right to get out of the storage business.

At any rate, storage means big disk drives on network servers where MBA's store their massive, undocumented, untested and undebugged Excel spreadsheets - the ones on which those multi-million dollar decisions depend.

I guess the reason they don't need to sell storage outside the company is that they are now their own best customer. . .


--- Les []


This is pure gold!

(...)the reason they don't need to sell storage outside the company is that they are now their own best customer. . .

I haven't read better in the past weeks. It would be hilarious if not so damn serious... and sad.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

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