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I have an HP 3468B digital voltmeter and am trying to do some remote measurement logging with it using my HP 41. The problem is that when I do an IND to get the meter data I get a Transmit Error. However, other Meter command functions work fine, includng the INSTAT command during which the 3468B transmits a data byte back to the 41. So I think the IL loop is OK? But, because the only manual I have is a partial one for a 3468A, I'm thinking I might not have a setting just right. Maybe the DVM is sending back some other form of data? Also, what is the difference between the A and B models?




I do not have the 3468D, but I was wondering about one thing: IND is Input Data, right? Shouldn't you command TRIGGER before read data?

Just a guess.

Luiz (Brazil)


Hi Luiz, I tried that also but no luck. I also tried it with the single trigger function but still get Transmit Error. When I power the meter up the self test is Ok also, but I'm wondering if it tests the IL interface?

Thanks for the help. I enjoy your posts on the 41 system very much. I've owned one of several 41c.cv.cx since High School.



Hi, V;

I wish I could help more, but I have no other source of information except an HP Test and Measurement Catalog taht simply describes units resources. A and B reffer to workbench and field models. You'll conclude which is which based on yours: if it is a field-like, the A-unit is a workbench designed. As far as I know, both have identical hardware and firmware, but I do not know if their ID is the same, say, if they identify themselves for 3468 only or if they add A or B at the end of the ID string.

Sorry I could not help further more. And thanks for your kind and supporting words :)

Luiz (Brazil)


HP Journal of Feb 1983 describes 3468A and states that B version is rack mount with identical features.

I know where you can get a manual for 3468 - email me at r_toi at yahoo dot com.


Maybe this will help (p. 47 of the manual)

02*LBL "MVDC" \
03 "F1" > Meassure Volts DC
04 GTO 00 /
05*LBL "MVAC" \
06 "F2" > Meassure Volts AC
07 GTO 00 /
08*LBL "M2OHM" \
09 "F3" > Meassure 2-Wire Ohms
10 GTO 00 /
11*LBL "M4OHM" \
12 "F4" > Meassure 4-Wire Ohms
13 GTO 00 /
14*LBL "MADC" \
15 "F5" > Meassure Amps DC
16 GTO 00 /
17*LBL "MAAC" \
18 "F6" > Meassure Amps AC
19 GTO 00 /
20*LBL "MXOHM" \
21 "F7" > Meassure Extended Ohms
22*LBL 00 /
23 ">RAZ1N4T2" \ the > character in the string is APPEND
24 OUTA |
25 IND > Autorange, Autozero on, 4.5 digit display
26 RTN | Single Trigger, Inputs one reading.
27 .END. /

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