SPICES keyboard label


I want to inter-change The keyboard labels of some spices. Has anybody experience doing it?. Is heat coming from hair dryer enough to remove it?. Which glue can I use to place it again in other calculator?

Thanks in advance



Hi, Jon;

I observerd that there are two basic raw material used in Soices' kbd labels: plastic and metal (aluminum?)

I succedd removing plastic labels in two Spices' cases easily: simply pulled them out and they almost "popped off". I'm not sure it's gonna happen with others. Also, I never removed metal labels.

You may see the difference when comparing both models: plastic labels have semi-gloss reflective surface, while metal labels have glossy frames. I have an HP38C with glossy frames and an HP31E with semy-gloss surface (plastic).

I am not sure if all plastic labels will be easily removed as well, I am not sure if climatic conditions would weaken the glue, but if you believe you can give them a try... It's a lot more easy to remove them when the crystal-red LED cover is removed. You will see the label border is easily sensed with the use of your own fingernails. And remember: if you decidee to pull the label, be shure it is a plastic one or you will bent it, if it is a metal label.

Success! And please, let us know what happened.

Luiz (Brazil)


Some machines have the keyboard silkscreened directly on the plastic case... have fun removing it...

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