wow. HP-11c @ $285 what's the highest?


12 hours to go.



on the photo of the back side, there seems to be at least one scratch near the top right rubber foot.
So this isn't what I'd call mint.
From the other photos, the machine looks very good, therefore near mint...

There were (at least) two auctions for HP-11C's in Germany which both ended around 250 *Euro*,
which currently is more than 250 USD.
Here are the links:

First one


Second one

Interesting side note: Both auctions were won by the same bidder, and both auctions had very similar bidders.

However, IMHO the final prices are too high. 11C's are relatively wide-spread, compared to 16C's and 10C's, and even 15C's...



than the 15Cs in Germany.



For some reason the 11Cs sell for more money than the 15Cs in Germany.

Ach! Gott in Himmel! Was ist?? -- "MATRIX"? "DIM"? "RESULT"? "SOLVE"? "TEST"?

So viele englische Woerter zu lernen! "x>y" und so weiter ist viel leichter zu verstehen!


No sprechen der Deutsch.




I think he says,

"oh, my god {in heaven}! what's this??--"matrix" "dim" "result" "solve.... Too many englishwords to learn! "x>y" and so further {I?} am too weak to understand!

(I am too weak in my deutsch to make sense of the second sentence entirely....) By the way, this is fun, trying to figure out! In my mind I see a comical rotund older man with a beard and a gruff voice, saying, "ach! Was ist das!?"



This is why I love this Forum so much.




Pretty close --

"God in heaven! what's this?? --"matrix" "dim" "result" "solve", "test"

So many English words to learn! "x>y", et cetera, are much easier to understand!

Of course, the above was strictly a joke...

Six of the eight locations on the keyboard of the 11C, allocated for conditional tests, were displaced on the 15C. For all the extra capabilities of the 15C (see recent posts by Luiz and Valentin), these are the only differences in the functions on the keyboards of the two models. Impressive, huh?

11C      15C
====== ======
x<>(i) x<>
x<>I Re<>Im
x<0 TEST
x<y S_xy
x=y DIM


hi Karl,

(on trying to translate) so close! (I should have understood it------;-))

Both the 15c and 11c are amazing. I just bought a 15c recently, finally, after many years of wanting one, and I noticed just that same thing you point out--that by moving the conditionals to the "bakc label" as it were, it is possible to put all those other features on the machine! And as Valentin points out, the multiple uses of the various function names really is cleaver and quite intuitive. and, having been an expert user of the 11c (14 years of continuous use) I find the 15c quite natural to use, as almost all the functions are in the same place, and what has been moved is not to difficlt to find.

Now, if only I had more time, I would try harder to post resonsed to valentin's quizzes---but some of them are pretty difficult, for a rusty tool like myself!


Bill Platt


Free online translation

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You be bad!



I see two spots between the 3rd and 4th 8 and above the 7th 8.

Too many use MINT. Notice when they say MINT in all uppercase or bold, they are emphasizing that it is truely MINT.

It would be nice to hear from the winner on the condition.

MINT should mean absolutely no scratches, in my opinion. The metal bezel should be just like from the factory.

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I hate to put my auction here but here is a 16C that I'm selling. I don't want to pick at another's auction so I'll pick on mine. It's a damn nice 16C. I bet most would call it MINT. But, in my opinion, it's just not MINT.

If you look closely above the right edge of the 4th 8, you will see a tiny spec. That makes it not Mint, in my opinion. You might see some other photos (1st photo, 2nd row) that show very tiny marks that are almost impossible to see in a single photo. Even with photos from various angles, it's still hard to see any flaws. But it's not mint.

Example of one that is not Mint

MINT should not mean really nice. It should mean, no different that if plucked from the assembly line.


...what is 'pristine' related to 'mint' ?



that doesn't mean much. I use it occasionally but always in conjunction with Excellent or Mint in describing something like contacts and such.

I don't think pristine is a level of overall quality. Just my opinion.

"Really super-dooper" isn't a level of overall quality either.

It is interesting that people use "Near Mint" which really means "Not Mint." Why not just say "Excellent" rather than "Not Mint?" It is to give the impression that it is Mint, when it really is Not.

But the really odd one is when people do things like:

"This would be Mint, if it were not for the 2 dents and the name scratched on the back." Now this kind of use of Mint is ridiculous. But it happens all the time.

A Flag should go off when people use Mint. If someone says Mint and then doesn't say why it's, you better count on it NOT being Mint. This is especially true of people that don't sell many HPs.

I have bought "Mint" and "Like New" from people that just don't have a clue.

Calculator Buying Tips

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And the final bidder, algichar, is inexperienced, and the 2nd place has a new ID.

Interesting to note how andromeda20 and the other near high bidders "tested the waters" incrementally but backed out in the high 100's--which is the price we would anticipate.

The distribution of buyers is definitely gaussian--and these two bidders are out in the wings of the bell curve.


I bought an 11C at a local resale store just before last Christmas. It had the original box, manual, and registration card. Tested OK. Even had batteries that worked!

All for the fabulous price of $2.00!

(I almost peed down my leg.)

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