Are HP 32Es cheaper than other spices?


I didn't really notice the spices until I got that 37E that i am trying to fix now. As i still don't understand the operation of the powersupply and therefor didn't get it working yet, i decided to buy another one to find out how it should work.
And i found this:

<A HREF="">HP32E</A>

(btw, why isn't this link working? Is there something wrong with that HTML code I used? I thought it was done like that, but obviously it is not.)

I was surprised i got it that cheap?! Was I just lucky or are they that cheap?

Regards, Harry



I think you have been lucky.

According to

from the Spice series, only 31E's are somewhat rare, since they tended to get thrown away...




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Yes, 32E's tend to be the cheapest Spice machine, also the least expensive.

Auctions listed on non-US Ebay sites can easily bring less than 1/3 what the same item listed on Ebay US will bring becuase of their much smaller audience.

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