are Algebraics more Valuable?


See the following lik:

ebay auction 22s

A 22s for 165 USD. I have also seen 21S and 27S go for high hundreds--and the latter into the 200's. Are these machines rare? Did HP actually sell fewer Algebraics than RPN?

Seems interesting.

-Bill Platt


Can't explain the 22S.

The 27S is a great calculator, even if it IS algebraic only. The algebraic mode on the 27S is much more like the old "CALC" mode on the HP-71B than a normal calculator's "algebraic" mode, because you can see intermediate answers as you type formulas in. It was one of HP's efforts at a "do everything" calculator - scientific with built-in TVM.

Personally, there is no excuse for a calculator not to have the 17B/19B TVM code thown in there these days. Engineers DO have to solve $$ problems at times, even if it's for their own personal finances. :-)

The 21S was a specialized statistics calculator that didn't sell all that well at the time, but for which there isn't a great replacement out there right now. Not exactly the same level of uniqueness as the 16C programmer's calculator, but similar idea.

That said, I have a working HP-22S if someone wants it for a discounted $150. ;-)



No, as a general rule. Examples where the algebraics have little value

Hp6s trash (and I am being kind)
Hp30s so-so
Hp20s great low end calc, directly compariable to an Hp21s
Hp10b financial
Hp14b financial
Hp17b Financial
Hp18c Financial
Hp19b financial with trig (makes this desirable)
Hp38G Graphics
Hp39G Graphics

All of the above are usually sold below retail, either past or present. Some are really discounted, ie 38G and 39G are 30 cents on the dollar. I did not bother to list Hp's dual mode calculators, since they are sought after as RPN models.

Now for the exceptions and reasons why.

Hp21s Statistics calculator higher retail therefore less sold than an Hp20s but nearly identical to 20s aside from stats features. Any statician who had one and loses will be desperate to find, no real substitute short of a graphics.
Hp22s comparable in functions and cababilities to an Hp32s, Hp quality in an algebraic package.
Hp27s comparable to an Hp42s, need I say more (no, however, it is not an Hp42s but best algebraic pocket calculator ever made).

None of the three above have anything compariable available to replace them (very similiar to the Hp32/42 delimma). That is why they command high prices.



I'd like to say the 27S is a combination of the 17BII and the 32S, more than the 42S.

From the programming part, the 27S uses the same mechanics (lists of expressions) as the 17B(II) .



BTW: A 22S in this conddition (like new) IS rare, so the price isn't too suprising. I paid 100 Euro for my NewInBox 22S a while ago...


Bill said

A 22s for 165 USD. I have also seen 21S and 27S go for high hundreds--and the latter into the 200's. Are these machines rare? Did HP actually sell fewer Algebraics than RPN?

Well, of course even if the 2XS series were quite nice algebraic calcs, especially the 27S that reaches nowadays prices similar to those of the 42S, $165 for & 22S is a lot of money.

Nevertheless this one is considered as (mint) as it is complete in its box with virtualy no usage. I guess a collector would appreciate to have such a sound machine on his shelf.

Now these calcs that used to sell for $10 3 years ago - like the 32SII incidentelly, that was just ignored on ebay when they were still for sale - are not in production anymore prices go crazy... I haven't seen any investment that would levy so much than an HP calc purchased a few years ago...

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