Which H-P Do I Take Camping?


Situation: You're leaving Saturday to meet your liberal artsy ex-schoolmate on a camping/day-hiking/trout-fishing trip in the high, dry, eastern Sierra. You've mentioned your interest in HP calculators, and want to graphically (no pun) demonstrate the difference between where we are and where we once were.

What do you take along?

This isn't a true back-packing trip, and I don't expect to be carrying a calculator on my hikes, so size isn't necessarily an issue. (That might be a worthy sub-topic, however . . . )

I will be unable to use my charger, but I expect I won't be using it all that much. I'm thinking (and Norm's thinking) a fully-charged HP-34C. If I had a nice 42s, I suppose I'd bring that along too.

Do you take along a TI-30 as well? Is that a "fair" comparison? (That is, to the extent that any comparison between classic HP and TI can be called "fair" . . . ) I suppose a 6s would do a bang-up job of showing the current state of affairs . . .


If you really want to push the envelope, U could take along all of the above in opened form. Forget the performance numbers, that takes batteries. Who cares, we all know they work, unless it is a 12SP. Just look at the hardware. No chemical reactors needed. Just marvel at the changes and advancements. Just for fun, buy a 10Bii and drill out the four heat stakes, rip it open and take it along as well. You'll be amazed at the last true HP designed machine, a Pioneer on steroids. Gold plated keyboard contacts, wow! And an LCD that is shock mounted, true genius.

And don't forget the 4 weight rod and a few dry flies for the still water pools. The calculators get boring after a a few minutes. Besides, the trout could care less. Yuumm, shore lunches on non-calculating trout...Now where's the beer...

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That's an easy answer -- when camping you take along an HP 49G+ .....

it's too complicated and confusing to do any number work.

But if you break it in half the jagged edges are pretty good for defending yourself against an attacking mountain lion.


Now THAT'S an original answer!! Why didn't I think of that one? I never thought of them as weapons, but, then again, I never did think of any useful purpose for a 49G other than a paperweight. My thirteen year old likes the color scheme. In algebraic mode, at least its useful to someone, but not me.

Paul, I don't really think you where looking for a serious answer, where you?

Norm, thanks for the good laugh :^)


What you take along with your "liberal artsy ex-schoolmate" is an HP-67 with a bad gummy wheel so you don't need to fool around with calculators and then have some real fun.



The trick is to make her feel important, and get her involved. Bring along a blanknut, and ask her to help decide where the functions could best be placed. Bring an overlay or two and stickers. I suspect she will remember it as a very memorable day in the mountains! She could even keep the overlay as a souvenir.......


The overlay is for the CALCULATOR. Gosh, that sure clears things up.



Hi, Paul:

Assuming you're serious, here's a serious answer. You must take either an HP-15C or an HP-11C, period. Why ?

  • they are extremely small and thin and lightweight, so they won't be a burden to carry

  • their batteries last so long you could go round the world and back on foot, several times, and they would still work fine, so no need for a charger or even backup batteries

  • they are the finest pure calculators HP ever made (or anyone for that matter), you won't find anything approaching their quality or performance anytime, anywhere (hi, Sarah Brightman!)

  • they have the most contrasty, solid-black, best LCD displays HP ever made. All segments are thick and black, and easily read even in very poor light conditions. No straining your eyes to try and see what's on the display.

  • they're also beautiful and look incredibly solid and classy. I've yet to find any intelligent woman or man who doesn't feel attracted to them on first sight.

  • you can write no-nonsense programs for them that might appeal to your intended companion. For instance, you might easily program a random dice generator, to play some game requiring dice without the risk of losing them out in the wilderness. Or a lotto number generator. Or a calories calculator. Or a biorythm calculator that will provide for much interesting conversation on the subject, etc.

  • and last but not least, they're guaranteed to stand to any adverse climatic conditions, no matter how adverse. In my own experience, I had an HP-11C with me at all times for one year in the Sahara desert (extreme hot and cold, sand, dust, etc) while in the military and not only did it survive, but it's the mintest HP-11C in my collection.
    Matter of fact, you're far more likely to fail yourself than your HP-11C/15C are.

There you are. Best regards from V.


I agree with Valentin.



If your schoolmate is a she, don't take any HP calc. It's like drinking beer : do that AFTER you get married.


Well, this is quite nerdy (or geeky, which is correct?)
more than this forum normally is. My nerdo-meter has never gone this far, detecting serious nerd activities, Oh no, it wasnt meant to go this high. Shes gonna blow!


PS: I recall on a previous post: Did you really expect to get a serious answer?


Wait a minute, she???? your showing an HP calculator to a girl?? I know that some (either interested in technology or smart-wannabe's)girls are or act interested, but most just arent, why? cuz its nerdy.




the word "nerd" is a rather obsolete and derogatory phrase that ought to become outmoded.


So your saying that Geek should be used?


Isn't there a "Katie W" in our community ?


Take an HP65 or HP67... nothing like a card reader to impress the natives.

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