HP 41C - Bombers Edition


I saw this interesting EBAY item that may be of interest to the die hard collectors. Bombs away, now all you'll need is to find a B-52 to try it out!



I have a P-3B/C ATAC 82 module for HP-41,
certainly made for Orion.
If someone have a spare P-3, ...


The Chinese had one a while ago, but they gave it back.



Well at least we can see what this guy thinks is 'mint'.

To quote:

"The calculator is in mint condition, with only a few superficial scratches to the case, but no "wear and tear" that you might expect from steady use. There is a supply label stuck to the back, and another spot on the back with some sticker gum residue, but this will not affect function, and can be removed easily, if desired (or left on to add character.) The battery compartment is immaculate, the calculator having never been stored with batteries installed. The books are in excellent shape, save for signs of being 20 years old. Covers and pages may be slightly yellowed, and some page edges on the Owner's Handbook, as well as the back cover, show normal wear. I cannot guarantee that this calculator works, since I have never put batteries in it, but it has been treated well and stored carefully, so I don't see why it wouldn't."


Right Tom.
However this rare module could be interested.
I bidded but not enough. Wait and see...

Perhaps it is hard to remain in "mint" condition while you are dropping bombs! In this case, the opposite of mint is "it has holes in it!"


"Mint" but doesn't know if it works! That's a winner if I ever heard one! My car is in mint condition...but the engine is siezed up!

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