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Hi, my friend;

I'd guess... What? To be honest, no idea!

Some may say: They're trying to survive!

And I'd say: Survive to what?

And they will say: Market!

And I'll say: And what are they doing to achieve this?

Others will say: They're being profitable!

and I'd say: Why?

Some may say: Because they're trying to survive!

Then, I'll rest.

I just tell you I'll not go that way, thank you!

I'd rather doing something I can tell may grandchildren I did... without being ashamed of.

But this is just me.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)


I think it is useless to bash HP, only because we like old
HP and old calculators.
It is like we are knocking on a house door, but the family
that used to live there has moved a long time ago - and the
new residents have the same family name.
These are not the people we want to talk to.
IMO, we should beg for Agilent to try to save the
calculator business.

See below:

Current HP mission statement:

HP is a leading global provider of products, technologies,
solutions and services to consumers and business. The
company's offerings span IT infrastructure, personal
computing and access devices, global services, and imaging
and printing.

Old HP statement from a 60s magazine ad:

Many people know us as an instrument manufacturer: we make
more than 2,000 products for measurement, test and
analysis. Others know us as a computer company: more than
10,000 own our programmable calculators and computers. We
prefer to think that our business is to serve measurement,
analysis and computation needs . . . in science, industry,
medicine and education

Current Agilent statement at their web site:

Agilent's pioneering spirit was kindled more than 60 years
ago, when two engineers - Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard -
invented the future in their garage. In 1999, Agilent was
spun off from Hewlett-Packard Company, and we have
continued to support the values so important to the two
visionary founders. We have also continued to innovate in
territory that matters, blazing trails in the fields that
are shaping the modern world.
While, physically, we have outgrown HP's garage, we
continue to live the values handed down from Bill and Dave:
uncompromising integrity; trust, respect and teamwork; and
innovation that makes a difference.


I visited Agilent's web site recently, and caught myself thinking . . .

What if Agilent saw a need for a personal data collection, collation, reduction and communication device? It would be hand-held, robustly-built, expandable, connectible and configurable.

It would have a simple hook-up to a universal data collection and sharing interface -- perhaps a wireless connection or some sort of "interface loop" -- that would enable collection from various points and delivery to a workstation. It would include the mathematical functions necessary to analyze and reduce raw data and to configure it for delivery to computer-based presentation and storage devices.

It would be built take abuse in the field, and to last as long as the owner was likely to be able to put it to use.

It would be programmable, and have a simple, logical, easy-to-learn and -to-remember user interface, and would be supported by a full array of add-ons and peripherals that made it applicable to a number of uses.

Then I snapped back to reality and said to myself, "You've gotta be half nuts -- maybe fully nuts -- to even think of such a thing . . . "


It would be programmable, and have a simple, logical, easy-to-learn and -to-remember user interface, and would be supported by a full array of add-ons and peripherals that made it applicable to a number of uses.

Oh, you mean, the HP-41? 8^)



Like I said, I'd have to be half-nuts to dream such a thing . . .


I just saw an ad in Real Simple magazine suggesting the use of HP digital cameras and printers to make party masks . . .

Duhhhhh . . . Where do I send the check?

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