To those who believe that I am a crook


My name is COMPES, Emmanuel COMPES
The previous months I had a lot of problems (too
many!) with La Poste or another service (at Evreux
or elsewhere?).
I'm actually solving them.
Some of my sendings were found back without any mention
or explanation, some were certainly lost, some were opened
and their contents stolen and some reached correctly their
To those who believe that I am a crook, please be patient.



I know you are not a crook. I have had problems with "la poste" in other transactions.
I hope we will make bussiness in the future again





I have bought several calculators from Emmanuel. The La Post took its sweet time to ship them, but they made it here, except for one machine (Emmuanuel is asking La Poste for a refund). I also experienced similar delays in shipping from a German eBay seller who sold me TI calculators. I did receive all these TI calculators eventually. Let me assure everyone that Emmanual is not a crook. He is a collector and a hobbiest juts like most of us. I know France well enough (have lived in Paris for a year and visited many times over 40 years) that their postal system is slow and that delays may occur due to custom inspections that seem to take their sweet time.


Emmanuel, like *everybody* on this forum, is an asset to our community and a fine guy. I traded with hime some calcs, as a buyer and as a seller without any problem excpted some reasonnable delay.

It is true that recently parcels seem to take more time to reach their destination. I also experienced this as a buyer and as a seller.

It is also true that the opening hours of european post offices do not necessarily match our working hours and that sometimes a parcel remains 1 or 2 weeks in the car boot before being shipped.

More and more the solution seem to be dhl or ups with tracking systems but they are far more expensive : the costs often beats the calc's purchase price.

Maybe some guy who often flies from and to the US could act as a postal service...


Hey Emmanual, careful with that language, once you tell them you aren't a crook, everybody says that you are !!


Crook notwithstanding. I'd vote for him again, in a NY minute, were he still alive and running again for president.


I'm not running again unless Air Force One agrees

to bring back my trustworthy 707.

But I think they can take care of that. If elected,

I will reinstate the draft, 45 rpm jukeboxes, and

25" color TV consoles sold at Sears Roebuck.


dont vote for Nixon,
vote for me! That's right, George McGovern.
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if you have me every HP 9100 on earth.


But I think they can take care of that. If elected,
I will reinstate the draft, 45 rpm jukeboxes, and
25" color TV consoles sold at Sears Roebuck.

How about reinstating HP-41's ?

Euclid :)


and I can tell you he is no crook. If there is any problem, it is La Poste.

Packages to and from France take longer than just about any other country.

I once sent something to Emmanuel on Mar 16th and it took until April 22nd by Airmail.

Be patient.


And the German post office is just as bad. A airmail letter posted in Koln 14 May just reached me in the US on 3 July. Say what you like about the USPS but they are an order of magnitude better than anything Europe has to offer. And two orders of magnitude better than the rest of the world.





--- Les []


I could tell you about a couple of my down under mail adventures but the details are too gory for mortal men. But I have also managed to exchange packages with AU in three days...


I sent a package to Spain on Dec 8th, 2002 and it arrived on May 8th, 2003. Ask Fernando del Rey about that one

5 Months in route to Spain.

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Mike posted:

" sent a package to Spain on Dec 8th, 2002 and it arrived on May 8th, 2003. Ask Fernando del Rey about that one. 5 Months in route to Spain."

Yes, he told me. The problem was that Mike sent the item insured, and because of this seemingly logical procedure, instead of following normal mail treatment and getting duly delivered to Fernando's home is 4-5 days at most, it was sent to some hitherto-unknown company in Barcelona (500 miles apart from Fernando's hometown, Madrid), which seems to be the one in charge of delivering insured packages, and there it stood for a number of months (they have a lot of "work", it seems), till they were "so kind" as to let Fernando know that they had a package for him. Which is more, Fernando had to pay yet another fairly unreasonable fee ($20 or so), in addition to shipping costs already paid to Mike, just to get it delivered from Barcelona (Spain) to his home in Madrid (Spain) !

Afterwards, I suffered the same fate. Some eBay seller sent me an item I had won, and did the same thing, he sent it insured. As you can imagine, it was also delivered to that dreaded company's address in Barcelona, 500 miles from my home, I had to pay $25 extra, etc, etc, etc.

My advice: As the risks of sending items without insurance from the US are minimal (I've never lost a single package out of 100+), never ever sent anything insured to Spain, unless you want the buyer to wait a number of months and pay $20-30 for the privilege. I don't know if this happens in every case, but two out of two is enough for me.

Best regards from V.

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The 5 months en route to Spain is absolutely true!

I don't know if the delay was due to the package being insured, as Valentin suggests, or was rather caused by a general state of turmoil due to the war in Iraq. I suspect the latter rather than the former. I've had a recent package sent by USPS arrive in a question of days.

Unlike Valentin in a similar situation, at least in my case I did not have to make any payment for the company in Barcelona to have my package delivered.

I can only suggest to be patient if you are in a similar situation.


I haven't had any problems with insured items from the US
(the latest one being a mint-in-box 15C with the leather pouch and the Advanced Functions handbook). In fact, I find
it unwise to send valuable items without insurance.

Was Cronopost, perhaps, the Barcelona company? The delay
might be due to a failed delivery attempt. They once told
me that if the package cannot be delivered at the first or
second attempt, it is the receiver that has to go and pick
up the item!

By the way, Fernando, what happened to the Spanish chapter
of PPC? Any chance to be active again?


Jordi Hidalgo

HPCC #1046

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