New site with HP-42S programs...


Stumbled across this homepage by chance. I don't know how new it is, but it can't be very old. Although it is all in Dutch it has some interesting HP-42S programs on it

Best regards,
Erik Ehrling (Sweden)


And it looks like it starts with a stolen picture too.


Hi, Erik;

I saw the page, but I don't understand dutch. As he mentions Belgium, I felt curious: is it dutch also spoken by the Belgian? Or Reinut Maes is dutch, too? Just curiosity.

I'll try to e-mail him and ask for further information in English; what do you think?

Thank you for the valuable address indication.

Luiz - Brasil


58% of the Belgians have Dutch as their mothertongue
35% French
7% German

Regards, Werner


That's right, there are 3 official languages in Belgium. Though I feel that the a 7% German speaking population is somehow overstimated, this gives a good picture.

In addition many Belgian people speak 2 or more national languages, and if you add English that is also spoken by a wide percentange of the population, it is not rare to see a belgian person feeling comfortable in 4, 5 or 6 languages.


Werner Huysegoms said,

"58% of the Belgians have Dutch as their mothertongue 35% French 7% German"

Thibault said,

"That's right, there are 3 official languages in Belgium. Though I feel that the a 7% German speaking population is somehow overstimated, this gives a good picture."

I could be mistaken, but I thought that the third official language was Flemish -- a Germanic-type language (as opposed to a Roman(t?)ic language like French).

Anyway, I'm a native fourth-generation American (don't be fooled by the name). When I was a USAF serviceman traveling through Begium on leave in 1989, I visited an Italian restaurant very near the German frontier (and a US WWII cemetary). I didn't speak French or Dutch, but did have a few years of German-language classes.

I walked in speaking German, figuring that the locals there would be conversant, and received a somewhat cool treatment from the young waitress. Afterward, I showed her my USAF military ID, and her friendliness improved markedly. I don't know if this treatment was due to her dealings with German tourists or whether it was rooted in, shall we say, "historical events"...


Flanders, where the Flemish live, is a region. We speak Dutch, albeit with a different accent and day-to-day vocabulary than the Dutch in the Netherlands, much as the French of the Belgians is somewhat different than in France, the differences between US and UK English, the German in Germany, Swiss, Austria etc..
But the language is the same, there is but one Dutch spelling.

Cheers, Werner



I LOVE culture! Thank you, guys; it's too bad there's an ocean and a low-to-dimes bank account I need to surpass... If not, I'd find a way to be there (and other countries as well) sometimes.


Luiz (Brazil)


After WW2 Belgium recevied some land from Germany as war compensation.

We adapted our constitution and recognized German as official language.

There are no 1st, 2nd and 3rd national languages, all are national languages.

Officially you are supposed to use a specific langhuage depending on many criterias.

As you were in this part of land Belgium received, people there usually speak German.




Hi guys,

I'm a Belgian indeed and I speak Dutch.
Unfortunately I don't have time to translate my site in English. I have exams next month...
But all program lines are available if you click on the items "programmalijnen + uitleg" (program lines + explanation) or "tonen/verbergen" (show/hide).
All programs are self-made. The picture of hp42s is stolen, I admit ;)...

Nice to meet you!

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