HP of old times - recruitment ad for marketing engineers


Found this ad in the same Scientific American as the other one. The photo shows one HP engineers talking on the phone.


A new approach to engineering

At Hewlett-Packard you can take your engineering
training to market.
There´s little point to designing and manufacturing
an electronic measuring instrument unless
it´s going to be useful to someone. That´s why, at
Hewlett-Packard, many engineers make a career of
All engineers at Hewlett-Packard are marketing
oriented, but a defined and trained group is
assigned the engineering task of helping customers.
These engineers work at our headquarters,
at operating divisions and in the field, helping
customers select, apply and get the best use out
of their instrumentation.
With our concept that every new instrument
must make a contribution to the science of
measurement, our instruments and marketing engineers
create new markets, and the sales engineers finds
his stimulation ... and success ... in defining and
exploring these markets and in helping to solve
the measurement problems found there. And at
Hewlett-Packard you can start as a design engineer
and later move into marketing.
If, as an engineer, this type of dynamic work
interests you, we´d be interested in talking to you.
At Hewlett-Packard marketing is career, and
our sales success - over $200 million this year -
is an ever growing challenge to our marketing
engineers. Would you like to join them ?
Write Ray Wilbur, Vice President, 1501 Page
Mill Road, Palo Alto, California 94304. An equal
opportunity employer.


Seems today all of those engineers made their marketing career, and no one was left for the desgn & development part;-)


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