Using HP-IB For Mass Storage


I frequently see HP-IB floppy drives like the 5-1/4" HP-82901 or the 3-1/2" HP-9121 available on eBay. I've even seen HP-IB hard drives come up for auction.

What is the feasibility of using one of these devices for HP-41CX mass storage using the 82169A HP-IL/HP-IB interface?

Mark Hardman (LED)


I save all my HP-41 data onto a PC and recall them easily.
My system includes:
- 1 HP-41CX
- 1 HP-82160A HP-IL module
- 1 HP82183A Extended I/O module
- 1 HP82169A HP-IL/HP-IB interface
- 1 Amd K6/266 with Win95
- 1 HP82335 HP-IB/PC ISA card
I use special softwares and libraries made for that previous card.

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