Pic of the Aurora FN1000


Here it is in good quality:


Regards, Joerg




It looks better in pictures than in real life. I tried one in a shop in Brazil, even tried a short program loop (quite fast execution). The plastic finish, keys and display are not much better than a $30 calc.
I´m happy that another manufacturer launches a RPN calculator. Maybe HP (or better: Agilent) do something better that the 12cp. That´s the only positive point of all this.

Being RPN and programmable does not turn a financial calculator in a 12c replacement. FN1000 regular price in Brazil is 60% of 12c price - but discounts on the FN1000 are starting to appear in online auctions.

In a few months, I bet prices will go much lower. At $20 i´d buy some to leave around the house and in the car.


The numbers displayed in the first picture look like program steps. Especially "43" which would be the "g" prefix key on a real 12C ("43 33 65" = GTO 65). Is this how they implemented program keycodes - exactly the same as the 12C? How does the user read a program? Do they have a keycode conversion chart?


I *think* fn1000 uses the same keycodes as the 12c.

As the price falls, chances are that i´ll buy one. Just allow me to wait for price to be right.


Other ways of asking the question are,

"Did they copy the HP-12C ROM bit-for-bit?"


"Did they simply reverse-engineer the 12c without understanding (!!!) what the keycodes meant?"

One might also wonder, was either of these paths taken with permission from H-P?

Very bizarre . . .

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