HP 32Sii - How do you open it for cleaning?


Some of the keys on my HP 32Sii are non-responsive, so I wanted to open it up and clean it. But, there are no screws and I don't want to pry too hard without knowing if I will break something or not.


Opening the back will bring you no closer to the problem. The keyboard is sealed. The only effective method is to clean in distilled water in an ultrasonic cleaner. But having said that, this is a conditional solution. This applies only if the problem is random keys, usually the enter or a numeric key. Happens most often when the unit is used outdoors in dirt, i.e. Surveying.

If the problem is one or more columns or rows of keys that are non-responsive, cleaning will not solve the problem. In this case, the keyboard has lost contact with the logic board. Instructions for opening the unit can be found here: http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/articles.cgi?read=5

You'll find the problem to be the mylar of the keyboard and foam backing pad. The mylar is going one direction, the pad is to push against. The pad has lost it's spring tension and no longer holds the mylar connector against the logic board. Shimming the pad is the easiest solution.


Recently I had a 32SII, where the right hand side of the keys wasn't working. Pressing gently at certain spots on the bezel (right hand side, just below the display) the keys started to respond again. Using my fingernails I was able to force apart the upper and lower part of the calculator (on the right hand side) by a millimeter or so, and appplied some pressure to the appearing metal part (housing of the lcd?) using a paper clip. Pressed it from below against the upper part of the calculator. Since that everything is fine again! Just be careful not to damage the plastic with the paper clip, not to damage any of the boards, the display or your fingers ...



Poking something blindly into a Pioneer will most likely kill it. The keyboard connector can be easily destroyed this way, the LCD can be cracked by applying pressure in the wrong place.

IMO, it's much better to open the unit to see and understand the problem.

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I agree, poking around blindly isn't a very good idea. Not only in calculators. That's why I used the word "careful", and that's why one should look where to poke.

If it works the "look-and-poke" method is non-destructive and fast, compared to opening the case by cutting heat stakes. One doesn't need any fancy tools. Maybe opening it is easy, but I haven't dared yet, especially opening a precious 32sii!


That's why you buy a few 10B and 20S's to practice on :^)


I promise I'll do ;-)

Although - even these two models become more and more rare nowadays ...


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