HP-65 repair & Steve Loboyko's article


I have purchased an HP-65 with a malfunctioning reader. I believed it has the gunked up drive wheel (erratic feed of the cards, sticky edge on the cards after they come out, flashing display after a read attempt).

I would like to open it up to try to fix it, but would like to read the article by Steve Loboyko. But I use a Macintosh and can't open the Windows Write format. Does anyone have it available in a text or Word 4.0 format?


I'm sending you a copy via e-mail.



This is for Viktor. Am in the same boat as Matthew was, with a gummy card reader on cherished old HP-65. Have Mac, not PC, and can't read the images on the Loboyko article (seems that only parts of the text can be found.)

Could I also beg a complete copy of that in a form a Mac can read? (Word 4, MacWrite II, Adobe Acrobat, etc.)

Thanx for allowing a "budinski" to, well, bud in...!


My HP-41C card reader needs repair also and I would love to have a copy of Loboyko's article. Will it tell me how to repair and/or replace the gooey drive wheel?? Thanks for any help.....


Hi, Nira! I see you found your way here OK. :-)

I haven't read Steve's article, but there was a good discussion of HP-41 card reader repair here on the message board a few months ago. It's scrolled off the message board now, but you can still find it in the archives. Go to the "HP Forum Archives" from the Museum's main menu, then go to Archive 1 and look for a string of messages with the subject "hp 41 82104A card reader repair" and you'll find what you need. There's a discussion of different replacements for the drive wheel (model airplane fuel line tubing vs. rubber o-rings) and a URL for a web page that gives step-by-step instructions for disassembling and repairing the card reader.


In an ironic twist, the card reader I bought for my son a few days ago began exhibiting the "gooey roller" syndrome tonight. So, now I get to use the same information I researched for Nira today. Isn't life fun?


Here I am, talking to myself again...

I repaired my son's card reader yesterday, using the excellent instructions from http://community.webtv.net/lostrabbit. (Dave, I'll be glad to send you a thank-you postcard as you requested, if you'll tell me where to send it. :-) It went very smoothly and the card reader is working like it's brand new! So add me to the list of people who have overcome the gooey roller problem.

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