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Hi again.. perhaps someone can help me once again.. I do want to get clother infos about the HP-41 module codes. Many of the modules do have a code as 8250xX-Xxx, but can you help me to disassemble this code?

82500A 4k modules produced by HP for companies?
82500B 8k modules produced by HP for companies?
82508 ?
825009 ?

-Axx produced in America?
-Bxx produced in Brasil?
-Sxx produced in Singapore?

Did I forget something that can be interesting for other people?

Thanks to all, Matthias



Pquadrat should know.
At least he showed me some of those modules,
including the Buderus ones, I think ;-)


BTW: Since you bought a W&W surveying module some time ago,
have you tried the software ? It was much work...


In my 1986 HP catalog, under the heading "HP-41, HP-71, and HP-75 Custom ROM Modules", I find for the HP-41: 82508A/B and 82509A/B, "Provides 4K or 8K bytes of memory with each module, or nearly 21,000 program lines with up to 4 8K byte modules." Also for the HP-71: HP82491A/B through HP82494A/B, "Provides 16K, 32K, 48K, or 64K bytes of program storage in a plug-in module. May be used in quantities of one to four for a maximum capacity of 256K ROM. (Minimum order: 100 modules.)" And for the HP-75: HP82726A/B through HP82729A/B, "Provides 8K, 16K, 24K, or 32K bytes of program storage in a plug-in module. May be used in quantities of one to three for a maximum capacity of 96K ROM. (Minimum order: 100 modules.)"

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