sick data cassette tape


i did something stupid. (dosnt it usually start that way?) i left the tape with all my programs on it in the 82161A: touching the head, when i left the country for 2 1/2 years. i guess it got a dead spot. now when i run it, depending on its mood and how i set flags 24 & 25; if i run "dir" or "readp" i get a transmit, drive or medium error. twice ive gotten a partial directory of the programs, then an error message. my other tape has old data, wasnt left touching the head and can be accessed. id hate to have to get smart enough to write all that stuff again. does anyone have any ideas how i can get it running or at least get a print of my programs? if someone has a "readprogram" program, mabye i can insert sf25 everywhere it locks. or mabye a better idea...........? thanks - db


You might read the tape sector-wise and write the sectors back to another tape (or to the same tape). You need to know the special device dependent commands (and you'll maybe need the HP-IL development module. I'd guess there's only an error in the directory and you'd only loose one file.

If the error is in the first record on the tape, the problem would be much larger, but I guess I'd could salvage it anyway (with my HP-71).

Years ago I did some experimenting with the device dependent low-level commands and I guess I might be of help.

If you send me the defunct and a new tape, I could try to transfer the contents of the defunct onto the new tape.

Send email, when you're interested

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