Truth in advertising...


I thought the byline in this ebay ad was pretty humourous...


when i saw your post, i thought you meant this one...

the Ebay definitions are humorous, but pretty much on the mark.


Wow is one word...

However most of the words I use to describe the 30S are 4-letters long, not 3! :)



And he says the List price is $380. "List" price is that which is set by manufacturer.

List is $59.00

32sii for $425.00 (think he'll get any bidders?)

Not only is that a good deal but $25 to ship it.

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Actually, I think there are about even odds that there will be a bid. There are relatively few 32SII's available these days and it may not be obvious to a newbie eBayer that this price is out of whack with recent history.


There are more than 10 on eBay at any point in time; all far below that.

There have only been 4 in the past 30 days that sold for over $250 and they were bought by newbies.

$400 is insane for these

There is a guy right now in Canada that is selling them for only a little over $200, and he is doing that on eBay with buy-it-now.

I doubt he will get a bid, unless he bids himself.

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I recently purchased a used HP32SII from a local dealer for $99 + tax. It works well and is in good shape and I'm happy with it for my collection. I've been dealing with this fellow for over 25 years and would be happy to share his address and phone# with anyone interested.


Actually, he wants $40 for shipping due to required insurance of $15.

It's people like this that give eBay a black eye. Just check this sellers feedback - the negative one - was an item he offered for sale with a BIN of $10. The shipping was $110. This is fee advoidance and is not permitted by eBay, but here it is for all to see. Just one more thing to watch out for.


I think you are right on. Check out all the stuff he is selling. His shipping fees seem to reflect the cost of the item.

Other auctions:

  • 3029467816 Phone (bid $10, shipping $110)
  • 3029189170 Phone (bid $10, shipping $110)
  • 2734785968 Drive (bid $10, shipping $25)
  • 3419378571 Modem (bid $6, shipping $20)

$36 in bids and $265 in shipping

There are more... (each could be easily shipped for much less than $10

Something that will be bought for $1 (because no one needs these) has a shipping fee of $10-15 (can be shipped for $3). Other items that are a tiny more valuable cost $20 to ship (but can still be shipped $3-4).

He will probably inform the seller that he has to pay $10-$15 insurance too. Insurance on any item of this value costs only $2 or less.

His shipping fees make no sense and do seem to reflect the cost of the item. I suspect this is a new account. He probably sold under a different account till his negatives got too high. I wonder if he will be reported? Send him an email and and ask a simple question (like why are your shippting so high) and see what kind of reply you get.

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I liked the explanation for the high shipping on one of the auctions though - the mercenary gran strikes!

This item has been packed and will be shipped by my grandmother. It took her a full day to do the packaging. She already charged me $110 for S&H. So please take into account the high S&H costs and then bid accordingly. There is No Reserve on this item and the bidding starts at $1. Your $1 bid might win you this auction. However, your total cost would be $111. Think of it like this: you are purchasing a phone for $111 & free shipping. If you already bid on this item by accident, feel free to retract your bid. Have a great day!

Must be some packing if it took a whole day!


How about this. It is advertized as "Like New" but in the description it says there is a dent.

Do you think "Like New" should included dented calculators?

HP 15C (with dent)


Aw, at least he notes that the case is vinyl!


Hi Mike,

of course not.
Maybe 'near mint w/small dent' would be more suitable.



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