A 41CY without handbooks but with printer just went over the counter for 969 Euro

I guess before long we have to put our hp's into a bank deposit..


I saw and bidded on this auction too.. a very high price for a "not mint" CY.. I told to the seller before and got a very gentle impression of him.. He will be happy for that much money, cause I told him to sell it on ebay.. he wanted to sell it private and his highest bid from me was $500.... My last bought CY is mint and full working for much less money...



What is 41CY? I'm dying to know. How is it different than 41CV or CX?


The CY is not from HP, it's a 'CX on steroids'. Some firm whose name I forgot made them. They were supposed to be twice as fast as a genuine CX and had a 'rambox' which's purpose I don't know. There are some rumours that the configuration was not very stable. They are very rare. Matthias has some info on his website.


Forget the rumours about stability,
since we're not talking about the 49G;-)

Seriously, the CY worked very well.
At least the units I worked with.

The RAMBox can be seen as module simulator,
or simply as additional RAM.
64K is much space for HP-41 programs...



I'd like to know how this 64K memory worked.
The CPU cannot use it in a "normal" manner. Normally addressed memory is read-only in the 41 architecture.
The full address range is 64K, but the "OS" itself take a big part of that range, and modules just about can fill up the rest. I don't see how you could have an additional 64K in there.
RAM is addressed as a device. But the full address range is only 1024 registers unless my memory fails me.
That's 7K. And almost all of it is used if you have a CX and two X-MEM modules.

What's left (that I can see) is that you have a module that have 64K as offline storage. Usable in a similar way as X-MEM or as HP-IL mass storage.

Perhaps someone else can fill me in here?



the RAMBox of a CY is divided into 2 32K banks.
You can programmatically switch them by the W&W RAMBox
OS's commands PG<>, PG01, PG10 .

As said in earlier posts, the RAMBox part simulates ROM pages in the HP-41.

For the CPU it looks like ROM, but with suitable software, like David assembler, or RAMBox OS's data functions, you can simply modify it, and use it like a RAM disk.




See the following
re 41CY


re rambox


41s rock!


I lost interest when the bid went above 400 EUR. Probably the last chance to snatch one, however..

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