Does anyone know how to do the following on the HP49G?

The format of the INPUT command is...

"PROMT STRING" { "Command Line" { r c } option }

My input requests either Yes or No by using the following INPUT syntax...

"Choose Y or N" { "Y or N" { 1 7 } V a }

I'd like to use the following...

"Choose Y or N" { "(Y/N)" { 1 7 } V a }

The problem is that placing a ( and / into the command line produces an illegal syntax in the INPUT command. I've tried "\(Y\/N\)" but with no improvment.






If the 49 INPUT works like the 48, then it's doing what it is designed to do. The V option on INPUT removes the " delimiters to check for a valid object. The object on the command line after ENTER - (Y/N) - is not a valid object, so the error. INPUT returns the entire command line string, in this case the (Y/N) portion. Either change the command line prompt, for example "Yes or No", or delete the V option from the command line list { "(Y/N)" { 1 7 } a }. Remember, I am basing my post on the HP48 INPUT.




There does not seem to be any SST function on the HP 49G. The HP 48GX had a SST function which is very usefull for programming. It allows you to single step through a program and view the results. Is there a similar function on the HP 49 ?


Yes. Almost exactly as on the 48 series. Press left shift, the blue key, and then PRG, the CAT key. Then press NXT twice and then RUN. SST is the second key on the top row. You must first place the name of program to debug on the stack and press DBUG. Hope this helps. rdb.

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