HP-45 Charge


I have the ac cord and a battery I bought off of ebay that works with the hP-45, 67, etc (battery is 8 months old, and will charge in the hp-67). The battery will not charge however in the hp45 (I have tried it in 2 of my hp45's)....Am I doing something wrong?


If you mean that the battery works in the HP-67 but not the 45, it may be that the gold plated copper tab at the three pin socket is not short circuiting two of the pins. That must occur before the calc can run on the battery.
Does the calculator operate on the ac adapter alone?


Yes it operates on the ac alone...so do you think I just need to clean the gold plated copper tab? Is that the copper backing?



The contacts are touching after I take the charger cord out, but the battery itself isn't even warm after charging for a few hours....


I am retarded. The contact was not reaching battery contact....ggh....lol, this took me 2.5 hours to figure out..


Get in line.

Actually, much of fixing calculators is the process of looking carefully for a flaw that can be seen with the naked eye.... I'd say more than half that I've fixed have had some basic flaw that could be seen. IMHO, MOST things I fix are a matter of a simple connection, etc.


P.S. You're talking to a guy who's HP-67 worked for a year with two capacitors soldered in backwards....


Are you sure the caps were installed on the circuit board backwards? You could have installed the circuit board around the capacitors backwards.

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