HP42S Face Plate


Hi Everyone,

I am sure that I am asking the impossible here, but if I never ask, I will never know...

I have an HP42S that I ADORE and the face plate - the metal plate with all the mathematical features - is in serious need of a replacement. I am hoping that there may be someone out there that can help me to source such a precious piece... Can someone help me?

I am also not too sure if I can upgrade the firmware... is this possible? I bought the unit in 1988 and I am sure that it does not have the latest version available.

I hope that there is someone out there which may have a source that I can contact.

Thanks for reading this request.

Brendon Hutton.

P.S. Thanks to this place, I managed to purchase an new HP42S also. I have two now and just want to upgrade/facelift my older one...:o)


A new 42S faceplate requires the destruction of a new 42S... see where this is going?

The only way to get a replacement bezel in any condition is to remove it from another calculator. At the end of the exercise, you've expended hours, probably put a few wrinkles in the replacement plate and wished you had never tried it. The double sided sticky tape that HP used is absolutely tenacious. IMO, while it can be done, it just is not worth the effort.

The ROM in a 42S cannot be changed without swapping out the entire logic board, it is contained on the cpu chip. The bugs are not serious enough to make it necessary. The known list can be found here http://www.finseth.com/~fin/hpdata/hp42s.html There are a few differences in the menus when using solver, but again, not enough to make a difference in actual use. Purely academic for my 2 cents worth.

Just do what most of us other 42S zealots do - buy several. No, that can't be used as night-lights on the bedside table like the LED machines, but every room in the house still needs one.


This Forum is so unusual that even an outsider looking in by chance would have to precieve that something very extraordinary is going on here.



Randy, Luiz,

Thank you again for your insight. This has sure helped me in clearing up this question that I had - you have been most helpful.

Sincere and Kind Reagrds,
Brendon Hutton



If it is worth considering, I second Randy in each word.

Good luck.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil

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