eBay item linked to Museum image.


"Condition is Very good; comes with original manual. Has no battery
cover or batteries. No guarantee it is in working condition." Perhaps
you could provide eBayers with a more appropriate picture of what a 28S
in this condition really looks like?



I think we should all send Dave some photos of the most beat-up calculators we can find (perhaps with scatalogical scratchings on them), so he can substitute them (like was done a few weeks ago) on a moment's notice for the Museum pics!


I've got a 28s-in-a-basket. I'll take out the battery cover and get a picture of the pile of parts . . .


Sorry I was the one who linked to the picture

I apologize I didn't realize it would cause such a problem

So my apologies to everyone for the problems it caused/causing


I have been politely informed that I should ask permission to use an image. I understand that.

I acknowledge my mistake for not considering that beforehand.

My original intention was to show only what the calculator looks like because my digitals have not been coming out great.

I have promptly removed the listing with that picture.

My apology again to the people I offended


Thanks for ending the original auction.

There are several issues here including IP theft and bandwidth theft but I prefer to concentrate on your potential buyers. They most likely know what an HP-28 looks like and what it does. For those that don't a link to a site like this one can be provided.

However, what your customers really want to know is what yours looks like and they want any information you have about cosmetic or functional problems. A description of "very good" with a picture of one that is mint is potentially confusing and worse than no picture at all.

Some of your other auctions use your own pictures. Some of them use my text. Please credit me when you do that like:

The description used in this auction is from The Museum of HP Calculators (www.hpmuseum.org).


It's a little late, but if it's ever needed again, how 'bout this?

(Next: practice using the imaging software to re-size the pictures!)



I recall a phrase from thermodynamics: "maximum randomness and minimum energy."



I didn't realize Heathkit had offered a version of this calc!?!?!



Got it for future use. Thanks Paul!

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