New unused HP-42S


In German eBay sells one an unused, new HP 42S Calculator. The auctoin still ramain over 7 days, but the price is about Euro 240,- .
This is really expensive - maybe this one is in pure gold??



sounds like the going rate to me!


The advantage for all other "searchers" is: Some see the high price an want to sell their calculator. Just see: Next week you found 5-10 HP 42S in eBay, but the price is much lower.



By the time the auction closes, the price won't be... The 43S regularly goes for over $200 in used condition. $300+ if new-in-box


Now I follow the auctions in German eBay for a lot of weeks. The price for a used calculator in good conditions is about 100-120 Euro.

The highest price I saw was 289 Euro.

If there only one or two auctions at the same time the price is higher 180-200 Euro.

But I saw now there are 3-4 to sell and the price will be lower. May be the new one will be frozen on 240 Euro???


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