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does anybody has information if there are different 32sii rom versions?
If so, is there any way to check it?



Hallo Axel,

because nobody replies to this posting I want to tell the minor what I know.

- does anybody has information if there are different 32sii rom versions?

Sorry no information about this.

- If so, is there any way to check it?

Another difficult question. I had a look into the ROM image symbol file I have and found no hint about a label or function that has something to do with version handling/printing. 2nd I had a short look into the disassembled code of the key waiting routine inside the <ON> <Y^X> single step selftest mode. I had found no key dispatcher which would allow calling other functions inside the single step display test.

BTW, the HP32SII ROM image has a size of 16KB and is fully programmed in assembler. That means no RPL code inside.




It seems there are different ROM versions. If you look at Craig Finseth's HPDATA (http://www.finseth.com/~fin/hpdata.html) at the end of the file about 32SII some known bugs affecting fractions are mentioned and he says HP offered, back then (1991), a trade in to exchange the bugged machines for upgraded ones.


That's correct. I just tested "2) The "Fixed Denominator" mode" with a ROM image and with a real HP32SII from 1999. The ROM image shows the bug, my real one not -> different versions.



Your post lead to two conclusions: a- you have a 32Sii emulator, b- you have a 32sii rom image. Is that so ?



My answer is http://privat.swol.de/ChristophGiesselink/Pict/HPBkgnd.jpg (bigger). ;-)



I have a real 32sii but I'd like to add the 32sii to my virtual collection too.

What can I do, Christoph?


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Just curious: How did you extract ROM image from the real HP-32SII?


Eloquent answer.

Nice marketing piece and efficient marketing strategy !Where do I send payment to ?



If it would be a marketing piece the picture would be a fake and/or the pay button is missing. But why the pay button is missing? I haven't the rights to distribute any ROM images and to answer another question an extraction from a real calc isn't possible. An emulator without ROM images is useless and will only cause requests for ROM images on differents forums (ie. HP28C ROM images for the published Emu28).

It makes no difference if the calculators are in production or not. We should be glad that HP gratefully allowed us to make ROM images from our personal calculators to use them in emulators. Emulators never dammned by HP. So what about the ROM images that are available (list not complete): HP38, HP39, HP40, HP41, HP48, HP49. The following list is my personal opinion, be free to have your own one.

Let us begin with the oldest one

  • HP41, paper ROM sources published under the NOMAS license, do this also allow publishing in binary form? I remember years ago it was difficult to find them on the internet.
  • HP49, here it isn't very difficult because ROM update file contain most of the operating system and HP published his own emulator with a ROM image in a seperate file.
  • HP39/40, officially only beta versions as emulator and HP49 update images had been available. AFAIK the one non beta which is published somewhere is the one I grabbed from my HP40G with an own written Aplet (sorry eLesson).
  • HP48, members of ACO told us that HP48 images can be used freely in non commercial use. I never saw any license and I tried to get one from HP, no answer. This is the reason why I don't distribute any ROM images with Emu48.
  • HP38, free interpretation of the the HP48 license, but here I know the case that somebody asked HP to put Emu48 and ROM images onto a book CD (the emulator wasn't the main topic on the CD). This was definitely forbidden by HP because of commercial use.

Another final words to the free available emulators Emu28, Emu42beta, Emu48. Some people think they can get all for free without any payback. Payback don't mean money in all cases. I personally also use free software, so my development on HP emulators is a sort of payback for there work. But in the last time I invested many of my free time on emulator development and that's the most important thing, much money to buy the original calculators, first to get a legal copy of the ROM image and 2nd without the original calculator the emulator development is very very difficult, even if you have some documents about the hardware (BTW, TNX to Paul Courbis for his picture of the HP28C memory layout). This is also one of the reasons why I don't publish a fully working non beta version of Emu42. 1st I hate questions for ROM images, 2nd I invested to much time and money to give it away for free.




You are talking to a marketing guy. I don´t usually create fake pics. I am also at finance/administration/sales. As I started career as a SW developer, I understand that engineers have prejudice against many non-technical responsibilities. It is ok for me, but I find it distracting, non-productive, and promotes bad communications.

Having said that, I might add that I do not believe you can turn this emulator production into a business. I learned from Luiz (I met this guy from Brazil in this USA forum 8-0 ) that by trading (without using money) you can have lots of fun, make interesting friends, and have access to things that would not be available to you otherwise. Luiz taught me how to create good-will among strangers and remote friends.

So my suggestion to you is : share. You can pe picky on the people you share with, but at the end I bet you will get much back.



Hi Renato,

I think Christoph has shared many things with the HP-48 (and relatives) community. Without his hard work, Emu48 would be still next to useless, as it was before Christoph took over.
And he offered competent answers in software (emu) and hardware questions at no cost.

Regarding the additional emulators, I think it's also a matter of copyright. It makes no sense distributing an emulator for a ROM which you definitely don't have access to;-)





I just want to weigh in here and say thank you for your work on emulators. When I first discovered the various emulators a few months ago, I was totally astounded.....it was wonderful to see the old computer culture--with the spirit of cooperation and sharing--still living on!

And I USE these emulators frequently--they are great! I run the virtual 41 and the EMU 48 and also "excalibur" on all my machines--so that I NEVER have to be without an HP....

I think you are right to be careful about the patents and copyrights and to be discretionary---you and your fellow contributors to the "cause" of emulators have given a whole lot, for very little financial gain. And if you find a way to make commercial gain from your expertise with making emulators--then more power to you!

Best regards,

Bill Platt


Emu48 is THE way for manteining a back up of my 48GX (1280kb)and also THE way for testing my own or third party prgs.

Thanks for your work


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