Likely cause of the display problems


Doug --

You mentioned that your unit is likely an "older" one with pressed-together connections. I also have two older 34C's, one of which exhibited the same symptoms.

I'd believe that the cause is poor contacts. The cure would be disassembly and cleaning. Others have done it, but I have only taken the backs off. After all, I developed the dental floss trick...


Thanks, Karl. I've kept handy a printout of your posting with the procedure, from back in October. I'm hoping a little *careful* cleaning will take care of the symptoms. I'll pass on the results after I have time this weekend to "play with those darned calculators", as my wife would say. Regards, Doug


Success! It's working now after gingerly cleaning and reseating things, so apparently it was just a loose connection. I just hope it lasts...

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